Specialist Training

Speak Easy is experienced in delivering tailor made training to parents and to school and nursery staff. We have particular expertise in delivering formal group training and informal individual training sessions.

In our experience, specialist training can:

  • Broaden the knowledge base of teaching staff and parents
  • Provide teaching staff with the additional confidence they need to identify the speech and language needs of their pupils
  • Provide teaching staff with a deeper appreciation of the impact of speech and language difficulties on learning
  • Assist teaching staff in understanding the child's perspective and how the speech and language difficulty impacts on the child's general experiences
Training during staff inset days and school holidays is a fantastic way for schools and nurseries to enhance the skill set of their staff.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss how Speak Easy can work with you to provide speech and language therapy in your school or nursery.

We can discuss the types of speech and language difficulties that your pupils are experiencing and we will liaise with your SENCO to evaluate the current support systems that are in place for the children. We will then work with you to develop a unique therapy model, which is designed specifically around the needs of your pupils.

Once you start working with Speak Easy, we will implement the agreed therapy model. As part of this process, we will liaise with teachers and parents to ensure that therapy is smoothly integrated into the school timetable.

In addition to enhancing therapy provision at schools where some therapy has already taken place, we are experienced in providing therapy to schools and nurseries where they has previously been little or no therapy provision. If this is the case, we can help you set up a completely new speech and language therapy service for the benefit of your pupils.