THERAPY in schools and nurseries

Please contact us if you would like your child to receive therapy in their school, whether it be in the independent or state sector.

By providing speech and language therapy in the educational setting, we can:

  • Ensure that your child's needs are fully understood and supported by the teaching staff
  • Deliver therapy in a familiar environment which puts your child at ease
  • Negate the need for your child to leave school in order attend external clinic appointments
  • Arrange therapy sessions so that they fit in with your child's school schedule
Early intervention is crucial in identifying your child's needs. No matter how young your child is, there is always a therapy model that can be adapted to suit them.

If you would like your child to receive therapy in school or in nursery, please contact us to discuss the arrangements for an initial speech and language assessment of your child. The assessment will take place during school or nursery time.

If your child requires therapy, we will design a bespoke therapy programme which includes specific targets which are to be achieved over each school term. We will monitor your child's progress and we will regularly review and adapt your child's targets, as appropriate. This ensures that therapy targets are always relevant and challenging.

Our therapy sessions in school and in nursery are for a minimum of half an hour and can vary in length to suit your child's needs. This time is spent in direct therapy with your child. You will receive written feedback on your child's progress after each therapy session. The feedback includes ideas for home practise which are designed to reinforce the focus of therapy and help your child progress more rapidly. We may also provide your child's teachers with targeted activities which are to be completed during the school day.

Please contact us to discuss fees for this service.